Friday, February 6, 2009

Randall Balmer on the Daily Show

In case you missed it, YDS's former visiting professor Randall Balmer was on The Daily Show last night talking about his new book, God In The White House, or as he likes to call it, The Show That Appears Daily.

I bet someone could get a dissertation out of that.


Anonymous said...

“The Lord of the Rings is a long trilogy and there's a lot in it, but not nearly as much as there is in the Bible.”
-Overheard in the Refectory

Overheard phone conversation in commuter lounge:

“We're roommates.”


“No, grandma, it's not a


“Well, it's sort of like polygamy without the man.”

“You don't live on an island. There's always someone you could be having sex with.”
-Overheard in the Refectory

Rachel said...

ha ha ha!