Monday, October 31, 2011

So is a haircut kind of like circumcision of the balls...?

MAR: "As we learned in Gender in Early Christianity, (pointing to his hair) these are basically testicles on my head."

***true story: a certain New Testament scholar wrote an article claiming that the I Corinthians command for women to cover their heads was really just about basic human modesty for the early Christians, who saw hair as genitalia because they thought it was used to store semen. yup.

Martin Jean: So generous with his footwear

at ISM Colloquium

Martin Jean (selecting order for presenters): Hmm...well, should we go in height order?
Teresa Berger (stepping up to the podium): I would have worn my high heels but I biked to work today...
Martin Jean: You can borrow mine.

YDS Students: On Fire for Academics

in the commuter lounge:
a student drops a wet tea bag onto an open outlet in the floor.
student 1: "the outlet is smoking! it might catch fire!"
student 2: "don't fix it- if it catches fire i won't have to go to my 1:30 class."

Aye Aye, Cap'n!

a student lies sprawled out on the ground in the hallway

denys turner walks by and remarks:
"what possesses someone to assume such an inelegant posture? you should stand at attention when i pass by!"

Monday, October 3, 2011

Someone's Been Reading Numbers...

MDiv: I told my boyfriend I was sad he wasn't coming to visit until January. But then I told him I wasn't going to complain, because today I learned that if you complain, God will drown you in quail.