Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just one more reason why MPLS is the best city in the midwest

From Overheard in Minneapolis:

5 year old kid to his little friend, after throwing a coin in the wishing fountain: I wished for JESUS to come alive!

Minnesota Zoo
Overheard by Yvette.

Translation oopsies and Divine Providence

Student reading written translation: I am the true vine and my father is the hairdresser...Wait, no, vinedresser!
Fellow Student: Well, that's going to end up on Overheard at YDS.

Overheard at: Summer Greek

I googled a gaggle of geese (and am bored)

New Google searches!

"picture of jesus hugging someone"
"good burger Nickelodeon movies" (I'm a bit embarrassed about this one)
"dale mail"
"define the difference between divinity and theology" (you're in the wrong place, soldier)
"coffee hour"
"bowchickabowow definition"

By the way, this is some of the paid advertisements on the bottom of a google search for "yale divinity school":

Is anyone else a little unnerved by that?

Update: Oh, some poor soul googled "getting laid yale" and ended up here. How sad... (but hilarious!)