Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Glad someone listened in OT

Student 1: I'm drunk. Kiss me. I'm Hosea.
Student 2: I'm your roommate. I'm Hosea. You're my slutty wife.

Overheard at: Spring Fling

I think she's the only one who can pull that off

(following a conversation about various ways in which a student who wanted to do so might become pregnant)

Student 1: Not in vitro fertilization. I can't do that. I'm Catholic. It's a sin.
Student 2: You're single. How are any of the other things we've discussed not a sin?
Student 3: You can try to be sinless; it worked for Mary.

Overheard in: commuter lounge

He IS the man!

Div Student: Dale! You're the man! I mean that in the complimentary sense, not the misogynistic, patriarchal sense!

Overheard at Spring Fling

And you probably smell great

(A bee is circling a student.)

Student: It's because I look like a flower. I'm being objectified as a flower.

Overheard: class on the quad

Not too hard?

Emilie Townes, in prayer: Goose them, O God.

overheard: Marquand Chapel

It's the ringtone for my mom

M.Div. ringtone: "Daaa daaa da da daa..."
Ralph Klein: Is that your candidacy committee calling?

overheard: Lutheran Colloquium

Sage advice

Male Div Student playing Castlevania: Meat Loaf doesn't want you to save the game; he wants the game to save you.

Where: Curtis Hall

Use protection!

Area Three:
REL 735: Intro to Post-Reformation STDs
Instructor: A Neele
Tu, 1:30 - 3:20pm.

Where: YDS Draft Course Schedule - Fall 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Too much studying

(student 1 takes a drink of water and spills it all over)
Student 1: Yeah, friends, I can take a drink of water without spilling it, I just don't WANT to.
Student 2: I don't subscribe to water binaries.
Student 3: Stupid cultural hegemonic norms!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Night cheese!

Student: Wait, why am I.... oh, because I'm eating cheese.

Overheard: commuter lounge

What people are you talking about?

Student: For a person, 'nonexistent' and 'don't drink' are the same thing.

Overheard: Lunchtime on the quad

Go sleeveless

Alumni preparing for ordination: I'm trying to find an outfit that will make me look like Michelle Obama about to be ordained!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting gay married in Marquand

Check out this Yale Daily News article about some fellow Div School students/alums and how they're going to get gay married. The idea of gay Christians perplexes everyone downtown, it seems.

Congratulations to both Javen and Oby and Diana and Sarah!

No SUV, earn an H

Random person knocks on classroom door: Excuse me, does anyone drive a black SUV parked outside?


Student 1: I don’t think anyone would actually admit it here.

Willis Jenkins: Yea, they’d be in some serious need of moral therapy…That was actually a test question, I’m gonna have random people come in here and ask questions.

Overheard: Environmental Ethics

Leave that to Swancutt

Carolyn Sharp: So, he's a hero. I will complicate that in a moment.


Carolyn Sharp: I don't mean to mess with your understanding of the New Testament. That's not my job. That will happen for you next year.

Overheard: OT

Tell us how you really feel

Denys Turner: And Julian is a cow. Oh, that's unintentional. I'll be quoted now. Bernard of Clairveaux is a cow, too.

Overheard in Medieval Theology

But have you seen his robes? So gay.

MAR student: Although you may be judged at the eschaton for thinking Luther was a mo.

overheard: common room

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a lovely shade of red you are

(after hearing about a website)
Student 1 (whispers): Was that .com or .org?
Student 2 (whispers): I think .com
(student 1 goes to website)
Student 1: Oooh. (turns bright red)
Kristen Leslie: Yes?
Student 1: Make sure you go to instead of .com.

Overheard: Gaycare

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm pretty sure those aren't Sheryl Crow lyrics

Student: As the sage Sheryl Crow once said... "I just wanna have fun."

Must do yoga

(regarding Marquand liturgical dance chapel)
Student: I can't believe how loose Miroslav's hips were!

Overheard: common room

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Keep telling yourself that

(randomly snapping along to music)
Student: I have a music degree! I am doing really intricate off beat snapping!

Something you have to tell me about

Drunk student: If I'm going to hell anyway, what's one tryst in a worship space?

Both required to live there

Student: We're at the Catholic House, where fun and awkward meet.

overheard: CHouse


(on jello)
Student: Ew, ew, ew. It's like KY.

overheard: jello wrestling/birthday party

Geographical regions?

Student: Well, I haven't used a condom on my penis as of yet, but I have used it for many different regions.

overhead in: kitchen

We are a third gender

The Lovely Linda, misconduct trainer: Most people view clergy as, you know, asexual ... men over here, women here, clergy over there.

overheard: Ministerial Misconduct

Friday, April 17, 2009

Atonement in 140 characters or less

Student 1: What if Good Friday had a twitter account?
Student 2: Haha, that'd be great!
Student 1: "Jesus is up on the cross"
Student 2: "He's not looking very good."
Student 3: "Can we get rid of all these crying women?"
Student 1: "One of the thieves is yelling something... The other one looks pretty nice."
Student 2: "I don't think that middle one is going to make it..."

overheard: coffee hour

Thursday, April 16, 2009

None of mine either.

Student: I'm a Catholic woman. My womb is not my business.

Overheard: Commuter lounge

Class agents and my loan company

Student 1: What are class agents?
Student 2: The people who are going to be asking for your money for the rest of your life.

Overheard: senior class reception

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No comment

Peter Hawkins: Jesus is extremely cut, and look at how that drapery is hanging...
Evangelical student: OH.

overheard: Passion in Lit and Art

You show Microsoft!

Student: Presider isn't a word in Microsoft Word... well, it is now.

And I love you for it

M.Div. Student 1: Were you guys instructed to wear easter-like ties?
M.Div. Student 2: No, that's just the gay boy MO.

overheard: whilst drinking post-Easter Rejoicing

I don't know about you, but I'm cool

Student: We're some of the most awkward people ever! We're divinity students!

overheard: commuter lounge

Monday, April 13, 2009

Inappropriate... but funny.

Student 1: I always think of you when I'm in church.
Student 2: I thought you were going to say I always think of church when I'm in you... which would have been highly inappropriate.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!

No, really! I know someone on tv!

(watching John Collins on the History Channel)
Student: He sounds a little sick.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jenkin's rose is in bloom

[students off-key singing Kiss From a Rose]
Student 1: Wait, so did he really work for Seal?
Student 2: ... Who?
Student 1: Willis Jenkins?!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The spatha on Golgotha? Ok, that's a stretch. I admit it.

Student: The Cross is rounds one, two, and three of a prizefighter who may be playing rope-a-dope.

Overheard in Theologies of Militarization

I'm a fan of pants-free Tuesdays

Student: Happy Cleansing of the Temple Monday. . . .

My favorite day [of Holy Week] is Spy Wednesday

Overheard in Niebuhr Hall

Hey - bad fashion is MY thing. MARs represent.

MAR number one: These pants were a dollar. A DOLLAR!

MAR number two: You're going to ride this bad economy all the way to Fashionville, aren't you?

overheard @: wall and college streets

Almost as good as "you can stand under my adela ella-ella"

YDS El Salvador Mission Trip students (to the tune of "Karma Chameleon):

Trini- Trini- Trini- Trini-
You're three in One
You're three in O-o-one.
Consubstantial with the Father
But you're three hypostases,
Just like the creeds,
The Nicene cree-ee-eeds.

Get with it, Episcoposse

Guest speaker on media relations: Next rule - always call reporters back if you say you will. Even if the church is on fire. Especially if the church is on fire, because then there will be pictures.
Student in back: See? Now if we'd been allowed to use laptops, that would have been posted to "Overheard at YDS."

Overheard in: Anglican Colloquium

Patrick can be my verb anytime

Student 1 (to fellow student who was "helpfully" singing lyrics half a measure
ahead of the recording): Hey! Don't Patrick Evans this song!
Student 2: Patrick Evans is a verb?
Student 3: Quick! Someone find a gourd!

Overheard at: party

Facebook Haggadah

The Facebook Haggadah.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dental hygiene makes me feel better too

Student: I was feeling kind of bad about my day, and I was trying to decide if I should floss before I brushed my teeth so I thought, "Do it - it'll make you feel better." Flossing was my pick-me-up for today...

Cur Deus Vinegar

Student 1: Professor Beeley said lots of people either think Jesus was a moral exemplar or they are Anselmic Atonement Freaks.
Student 2. I have been going to school here for three years and I don't understand what you just said.
Señor Downs: Well, Anselmic is a kind of vinegar.

Overheard at Señor Clark Down's hacienda

Friday, April 3, 2009

I agree

Student 1: These goats had huge balls, giant balls!
Student 2: I am so glad you are going to be a priest.

Overheard: Friday Fellowship

Beeley on fire

Christopher Beeley: [After a discussion of Feuerbach] We are all soooo fabulous.

Beeley: Kenotic christology is Very. Seductive.

Student: It's like you're a hair shirt for her.
Beeley: I've heard that one before.

Beeley: He [William Temple] died in 1944 and I have a special revelation from him; so you see, the Gnostics were underrated.

Overheard: Anglican History and Theology

Wagons ho!

M.Div. student, reacting to the Iowa gay marriage decision: TO THE WEST!!!

overheard: common room

It must be ministerial misconduct weekend!

Student 1 to Student 2: And don't have sex with your parishoners, ESPECIALLY if they're children.

Overheard: entering the library

What an amazing conversation

Overheard at the YDS Student Book Supply:

Student D: Hey, this sale is totally terrible. Micah is the worst manager ever.

Student L: That’s true, but at least he’s a good looking human person.

Student Gamma: Hey, you know what’s going to be great about the sale?

Student 4932: What?

Student Harry Attridge: Micah will have popcorn in the bookstore today like every Friday from 12.00pm-3.30pm! And also, the sale is totally amazing.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jealous and so cute

Graduating student: I looked at pictures of puppies for three hours last night.