Monday, September 8, 2008

They love you too!!!!!

Student 1: How was class?
Student 2: It was really good. Thought provoking, moving, interesting...
Student 3: All wrapped up in the package that is Jonathon Bonk.
Student 4: I love Mennonites!!!!!


Anonymous said...

“It’s amazing the things you can have sex with… if you’re a Roman Emperor.”
-Scott Davis, 1st Year MAR

Anonymous said...

“I’m like a Ding Dong for people who are allergic to chocolate.”
-Scott Davis, 1st Year MAR

Anonymous said...

Overheard at HGS:

Student 1: “I think I would have much rather been a Greek than a Roman.”
Student 2: “But the Greeks were always killing each other!”

Student 1: “Yeah, but it was always so playful.”

Lindsay said...

Generally I don't put names of students up, unless it's someone well known in the community and it's said in a community situation (aka, a CLC leader saying something at the Tree Trimming party, for example). I'm guessing OH@YDS isn't something most students want popping up during google searches by prospective employers.

Anonymous said...

Mightn't you want to take the names down here, then?

Anonymous said...

Eh? take the names down here? eh?