Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Google Searches

Some recent google searches that brought people to OH@YDS:

yale divinity school gay
pre-vatican two nuns
divinity depression (I've got a bit of that now, missing YDS... sad.)
the best of what is said about jesus (I personally enjoy The Best of Jesus vol. 2)
the ugly people (We have none... Try the forestry school.)
should i go to yale divinity school (The Magic 8 Ball says reply hazy, try again)
every time you masturbate jesus kills an angel (Why is OH@YDS number 2 on a google search for that? I'm so ashamed.)
when did jesus hug anyone in the bible (Probably after that wedding in Cana... you know, the one with all that wine?)

As fun as these are, I want school to start again so I can actually post something interesting.

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