Monday, June 9, 2008

Google me this

Since I'm out-of-state and pining away for my divvies, I thought I'd compile a list of different Google searches people have done that have brought them to OH@YDS.

[any professor] + yale divinity school
tootsie roll lyrics meaning
quote on patriarchal society
graduation from yale divinity school thoughts
jake erickson and yale
beer theology
how hard get into yale divinity school
rudy darcy
lindsey theologian yale (my personal favorite)
meaning of tootsie roll
"german pop" blogspot

rock paper scissors meaning

By the way, is there some song called "Tootsie Roll" that I don't know about because I'm hopelessly out of touch with mainstream music?

1 comment:

chrissy said...

i found this website by googling "should i go to yale divinity school." amazingly hysterical website. and by the way, "tootsie roll" is an awful song that gets stuck in your head and tortures you for also came out in the mid-90' you are a little out of touch...but in the case of "tootsie roll," it's a good thing.