Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm with Jesus... The Cubs suck.

Student 1: Who doesn't like the Cubs?

Student 2: The Cardinals. The White Sox.

Student 3: Jesus!

Student 2: You make a good point there.

Overheard at: the Refectory


marshall said...

first of all...Hey! come on. Secondly, I believe it was student 2 who gave the "you make a good point."

Also, Hebrew this morning:
Vicky Hoffer talking about Commentators musing about the absence of Baal in Kings 18:27.

"Becasue of the langauge here, some commentators have suggested that Baal is passing a bowel movement."

Student 1 and 2 whisper something to each other and giggle.

Vicky: "No I'm serious, people actually say this, it's not just me."

Student 1: "No, I'm laughing at Student 2. He just punned, "Like a 'Ba'al' movement."

Lindsay said...

all right, i fixed it. but the premise still stands: the cubs suck. and the bears.